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The Thousand Tables.
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Claim a table and write!
Welcome to Thousand Tables! This is a writing and an art community, in the style of fanfic100 and its many, many spin-offs. However, we have a twist.

Instead of claiming characters or pairings or fandoms, you claim tables. One person per table, and before anyone panics, there will be enough tables for everyone.

Tables will tend to be about ten or twenty prompts each, and there will be ten prepared ones available from the start. More will be added as more people join and claim tables, and yes, anyone may submit a table, so long as they provide the code for it.

There are rules, but have no fear! They are simple, and there are hardly any restrictions to what you may write for your tables.

Art is also welcome, by the way.


Use a header. The header must contain Title, Author/Artist, Rating, and Table used and prompt used. You may add a summary and anything else you want, but you must include those.

Be polite. If there's any problems between users, I will step in. Two warnings, then you get banned. No exceptions. Talk to me, please, so we can sort things out before I'm forced to ban, though.

There are no restrictions to what you write or draw. RPS, slash, NC-17 content - anything! Just put a warning above the lj-cut if your works contain anything with adult material or RPS.

LJ-cut your entries. You write a one-line poem? Fine. LJ-cut it, please. Draw a giant image? LJ-cut it, please. Everyone's flist will appreciate this.

Claim one table at a time. No one gets a second table until they've finished the one they're working on. This is so someone doesn't take all of the tables and prevent others from working on them.

Tables are reusable. If someone finishes a table, the table can be claimed again.

First come, first serve. If someone claims a table a minute before you do, they get the table. That's how I'm going to prevent chaos.

If you don't post anything for two months, your claim is gone. There can be exceptions, though - just talk to me and ask for a hiatus or something.

Rule changed! The table you're working on is yours forever, unless you finish it. If someone else does want your table, I'll give you a reminder, but I won't take it from you.

Original and fanfiction works are welcome. Mix and match fandoms as well, so feel free to write whatever you want for your table.

Have fun!

How To!

1. Claim a table here!
2. Write or draw anything for each prompt. One work per prompt.
3. Leave feedback towards other people's work.
4. Finish the table and comment on the Hall of Fame post. You will get a banner and an icon made just for you.
5. Repeat!

Essential links!

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Affiliates & Mods.

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Please comment here to become one!

Head mod - zekkass.